MEP Marina Kaljurand statement on situation in Georgia EP Plenary 09.03.2021

Thank you, President
Thank you, High Commissioner

I fully agree with the statement made by my good colleague Sven Mikser.

As the Chair of the South Caucasus Delegation, I have followed with concern the political polarization and internal division of Georgia.

However, today, I would like to speak on an optimistic note, as I see a clear momentum for a long-awaited political reconciliation.

I would like to recognize the visit of EU Council President Michel to Tbilisi – his personal engagement and appointment of Mr Christian Danielsson to guide the mediation. This is an important addition and upgrade to the extraordinary work that EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell is doing.

It is also clear signal that EU does not only make political statements but gets involved if needed. It gives a new impetus to the negotiations between the ruling party and opposition.

There is no time to lose. I urge all Georgia’s political actors to put the interests of their people above party politics and focus on the tasks ahead, including pro- European reforms on democracy and rule of law.

Thank you!

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