PLENARY SPEECH 07/06/2022 – Security in the Eastern Partnership area and the role of the common security and defence policy

Mr President

Mr Executive Vice President


We cannot choose our geopolitical neighbors but we can choose how to build our relations with them, especially with our closest neighbors.

Eastern partnership area is our closest neighborhood and therefore what happens there has a direct impact on our security and safety. This was reiterated by the Strategic Compass that dedicates adequate focus to the eastern Partnership countries.

Today, at a time of the worst crisis in Europe after the Second World War – aggression of Russia against Ukraine – we have to be very clear with our messages:

– we are committed to unequivocal support to sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Eastern Partnership countries;

– we will support Ukraine – militarily, economically and politically – until Putin’s criminal regime is defeated and perpetrators of war crimes brought to justice;

– we will continue promoting peace, stability, resilience and security in the Eastern neighborhood and we will rebuild peace and security in Europe.

I would like to thank the rapporteur and everybody who worked on this Resolution and urge all colleagues to vote for it. 

Thank you!

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