PLENARY SPEECH – The establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine

Madam President, Commissioner, Colleagues

From the 24th of February, 2022 we have witnessed war crimes
committed in Ukraine – from Bucha to Irpin, from Borodyanka to

President Zelensky has stated very clearly, what is the victory and
peace formula for Ukraine:

  • restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine;
  • fair reparations after the war, and
  • bringing all war criminals to accountability.

I underline – all war criminals – those committing crimes on the
ground and also those hiding in Kremlin. And that is why we need
Special Tribunal on the crime of aggression.

This Tribunal will not bring back lost lives and it will not make
heartache disappear. But it will make crystal clear that committing
war crimes, including crime of aggression will never go unpunished.
I hope that vast majority of international community will join the
initiative and support the establishment of the Tribunal.

Thank you!

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