President, Commissioner, Colleagues

As the Chair of the South Caucasus Delegation, I have two messages to Georgian people. 

Firstly, we, Members of the European Parliament, know and respect your choice of closer European and Transatlantic integration. You, people of Georgia, have been very clear and consistent in expressing European aspirations, including a very high support to the EU in polls. We support you and we stand with you on your European path. 

Second, we will never, I repeat – never, drag you in any war, neither with Russia nor with any other state. We remember the war of 2008 and human lives lost. We will never recognize occupation of Georgia. We will always support Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  We wish Georgian people peace, security and prosperity.

My message to Georgian politicians is very clear – please, do not escalate already extremely polarized political situation in Georgia; put aside your party interests, stop blaming each other and the European Parliament, listen to people and start working on much-needed democratic reforms. War in Ukraine opened a window of opportunity for Georgia. Do not waste it. Remember that today Ukrainians are fighting and dying for their future but also for your future. Attacks on UKraine and President Zelensky by Georgian officials are disappointing and unacceptable. Instead, do everything you can to fulfil Georgian peoples’ European dream. That is what Georgian people expect from you. Window of opportunity will not remain open forever.

Thank you!

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