Debate on Recent Developments in Eastern Partnership

Thank you, Madam President

Mister High Representative

It is very symbolic that we discuss Eastern Partnership today – on the eve of awarding Sakharov Prize of 2020 to Democratic Opposition of Belarus.

2020 was a difficult year. Our Eastern Partners faced serious and unforeseeable challenges. Therefore, today, more than ever, they expect and rightly so, political commitment and resolute actions supporting their democratic processes.

Eastern Partnership policy has not failed but it needs reinforcement.

As the Chair of the South Caucasus Delegation, I have had regular contacts with my partners and colleagues. AndIalsoknow how important it is to talk to people, civil society, human rights activists and organizations.

Today I discussed (human rights) situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, but also more widely in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with human/women’s rights organization KvinnatillKvinna (Women to Women).

As this is (most probably) my last intervention this year I would like to conclude with what they told us, policymakers – do not forget ordinary people, especially minorities when taking political decisions. Talk to them, listen to them and include them into decision-making.

Thank you!

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