#EPLENARY SPEECH: prisoners of war in the aftermath of the most recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Madam President, 



War is never a good solution. It might bring a short-term victory, but it also brings unnecessary deaths and suffering. It takes time to heal wounds.

Let me focus on three very urgent issues in this context. 

First, the need to release all Armenian prisoners of war and other detainees. I urge Azerbaijan to fulfil its international obligations, including the ceasefire agreement and ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (which has granted interim measures with respect to more than 200 Armenian individuals). 

Second, the inflammatory rhetoric and spreading of hatred needs to stop. The “Military Trophy Park” in Baku is the most serious example of all – it humiliates and dehumanises Armenians, glorifies violence and teaches wrong lessons to Azerbaijani children. It has to be removed. 

Third, the border incident and ongoing crisis at the southern interstate border are deeply worrying. I urge Azerbaijan to withdraw its troops in order to give way to proper border negotiations with Armenia. 

Removing these obstacles will bring closer so much awaited peace and reconciliation to people of Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Thank you.

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